Welcome to the Kembra Publications Ltd. web-site. My name is Grahame Farrell; I am a true-crime author and work as a librarian, and Kembra is the company through which I publish my books.

I see a true-murder case as a miniature drama. The murderer, once he has committed the act, is essentially alone, his focus now entirely on not getting caught, and all the while balancing that priority with the need to act normally, to go about his business, to relate to his immediate social world. It is little wonder that Shakespeare and Dickens feature murder so prominently in their work. The rules of morality have been broken; only God and the killer know the secret.

My first four books – A Mix of Murders, Gaslight Villainy, Blood on the Cobbles and A Gallows Guest List – are available now via the following links in e-book format for Amazon's Kindle device:

A Mix of Murders
Gaslight Villainy
Blood on the Cobbles
A Gallows Guest List
Dancing the Hangman's Reel

...And clicking on the relevant tab above will yield a synopsis and sample-chapter for each, along with some independent reviews. They are also available now in EPub format (i.e. for non-Amazon e-readers) from a wide range of other retailers on the web.

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My thanks go to Richard Vaughan of Dodeca Technologies Ltd. for his fine work on the copy-editing, cover-art and electronic file-processing that the publishing of my books have required. Richard also developed this web-site, for which he continues to provide the requisite maintenance- and hosting-services, and for which I am also grateful.